hospital doorIn today’s world, it is imperative that a hospital door provide the safety and privacy that patients expect. AD Systems makes high-performance doors for a wide range of commercial applications. Among the most popular for healthcare facilities is the ExamSlide™ sliding door system. The popularity is due to the wide variety of finishes and optional features.

Since 2009, AD Systems has been providing customizable commercial configurations aimed at saving space and mitigating noise. The ExamSlide system was one of the first products offered by the company. Over the past decade, AD Systems has continued to refine this door system into the finest product on the market. The ExamSlide is perfect for the evolving medical landscape. With medical facilities growing in number and variety, the ExamSlide fits in to almost any application.

Privacy and Safety in a Hospital Door

The ExamSlide hospital door is ideal for a range of medical project types. From clinics to waiting rooms to free-standing emergency rooms to inpatient toilet rooms, the ExamSlide is the ideal choice. Developed in conjunction with industry-leading healthcare architects, the ExamSlide system is unmatched in its construction. Its unique design, customizability, functionality, and superior performance separate it from the competition. Most barn-style doors in healthcare applications simply don’t measure up. With ExamSlide from AD systems, patients are secure and comfortable that they have the privacy they need. The facility benefits from low maintenance and additional available floor space.

Check out just a few of the features of the ExamSlide Healthcare Sliding Door System:

  • Soft-close feature dampens noise and reduces slams
  • Heavy duty construction for smooth operation and reduced maintenance
  • Design saves up to 30 square feet as compared to traditional swinging doors
  • Vast hardware options to address functional requirements of many medical facilities
  • Many wood and laminate options with optional accentuating features
  • Lead-shielding doors are perfect for X-Ray rooms
  • Patent-pending acoustic mitigation system seals all four sides of door for maximum privacy
  • Available UL 1784 smoke rating