sliding barn doors Since 2009, AD Systems has been helping businesses and medical facilities enhance their office design and improve efficiency with sliding barn doors. These doors offer an assortment of benefits, including better use of space, ease of operation, and acoustic performance, and as a result, they are now becoming the choice of many companies, clinics, medical office buildings and professional offices. AD Systems works closely with architects and contractors to make sure clients get exactly what they need in terms of function and design.

AD Systems played a pivotal role in the expansion of Mountain View Hospital

Recently, Mountain View Hospital in Payson, Utah, expanded and redesigned their emergency department. The project doubled the size of the department to more than 10,000 square feet, and TSA Architects – the architectural firm behind the expansion – relied on AD Systems to supply the doors.

“It was critical that we create transparency in the Emergency Department so that everyone – doctors, nurses, staff and patients – can look around and immediately see what’s heading their way,” said Nathan Murray, Design Principal of TSA Architects. “The AD Systems’ doors enabled us to maximize the space in an efficient way, so we could achieve a fluid environment that can respond to the fluctuating levels of demand placed on it at any given time.”

In addition to their function, the sliding barn doors also provided a unique design element that Murray called “cutting edge.”

One of the main reasons why medical buildings are starting to use sliding barn doors is because of their ADA compliance. They can easily be opened and closed by anyone and the “soft close” feature ensures that they can’t be slammed, which will help prevent injury and additional noise. They also open wider than typical doors, which is important for people in wheelchairs or for staff members who are moving equipment from one area to another..

Sliding barn doors helped with noise control in Coastal Community Bank’s HQ

In 2015, a building in Everett, Washington, was renovated in order to create the new headquarters of Coastal Community Bank. Because the office had both an open layout and private offices, controlling noise was one of the biggest priorities. This is why the architectural firm Botesch, Nash & Hall decided to go with AD Systems’ sliding barn doors.

Sliding barn doors offer optimal acoustic performance. This means that the sound within an office will be contained and will not bleed out into the hallway. At the same time, any exterior noise will not have the chance to come inside. Sliding barn doors are ideal for cutting down on noise distractions which can easily derail productivity.

Whether they will be working on an office building or medical facility, whether it is new construction or undergoing a renovation, the architects behind the project can always count on AD Systems to provide the doors. In order for a business to function as it should, it needs to have optimal design elements, and this includes the right doors. Sliding barn doors from AD Systems are the best choice for any type of business.