Acoustic Sliding DoorsIf a facility is dissatisfied with a building’s performance, it can become a major source of distraction. In many cases small tweaks and changes can have a big and lasting impact towards getting normal operations back on track. Doors, for example, can dramatically change an office for the better. The right type – such as acoustic sliding doors – can enhance both form and function, which is why they are showing up in many offices and healthcare settings. It is no longer the case that specifying a sliding door means compromising on acoustics; AD Systems has spent years innovating and designing sliding door and storefront partition systems that balance aesthetics and acoustic performance.

What advantages do acoustic sliding doors offer?

Acoustic sliding doors offer several benefits for different environments, especially offices and medical facilities. In an office setting, sound is one of those things that can have a huge impact on operations. For one thing, unwanted noise can be extremely distracting. Productivity is often a fragile thing, and it may not take a lot for employees to get off track. And then a significant amount of time might be wasted trying to refocus. This is why measures have to be taken to eliminate noise distractions. Acoustic sliding doors are an excellent option. With their ability to block most sound, these doors will prevent noise from affecting workers.

A big concern in an office is privacy. Whether it is an executive conference, an interview, or a human resources meeting, a lot of sensitive information may be shared on a daily basis. With acoustic sliding doors, all parties will be able to have the peace of mind, knowing their conversations will be protected. The right acoustic sliding doors, like those by AD Systems, also options for physical security such as locks, access control and card reader access.

In a hospital or clinic, while the focus is not impeding work, noise can also be very harmful. Safeguarding patient privacy is a foremost concern; exam rooms and offices must be areas where a level of speech privacy is maintained. Further to privacy considerations, here is a reason why medical facilities are intended to be quiet places; patients preparing for or recovering from a procedure need to be able to rest comfortably. If there is a commotion in the hallway or the operation of the doors themselves is excessively loud, it can be a major disruption to recovering patients.

While offering improved function, the design features of acoustic sliding doors can’t be overlooked. They can come with a variety of different finishes and hardware choices, making them much more attractive than regular swinging doors. These doors can also incorporate a range of standard and specialty glazing materials including decorative glass, integral blinds, marker boards, or lighting.

While function is usually the main concern when it comes to office or medical facility components, design should not be forgotten. The great thing about the acoustic sliding doors from AD Systems is that they provide the perfect solution to both concerns.