barn door designsEvery feature that is implemented into the plans for a new commercial construction or renovation project is done so with careful thought, and doors are no exception. That’s why many architects and designers are turning to the barn door designs of AD Systems over traditional swing doors. As a leading supplier of sliding door systems, the company understands the importance of choosing the right doors for professional environments, particularly offices and healthcare establishments.

Benefits of Barn Door Designs in Office Settings & Medical Facilities

Below are some of the most significant ways barn doors benefit the commercial market:

  • Aesthetics: When it comes to the most decorative elements of a building, doors may not be the first thing that comes to mind since they primarily considered a functional element. The use of a sliding barn door can have a instant impact because of its distinctiveness. AD Systems sliding door designs are offered in a wide array of materials and finishes, with a number of hardware, glazing, and glass options. They can be customized to suit virtually any palette, whether traditional or bold and contemporary.
  • Acoustic Performance: Sound control is an important consideration for any professional environment. The ability to reduce the amount of noise filtering in and out of a room is vital for privacy and productivity reasons. In busy office settings, employees must be able to escape distractions and concentrate on their assignments. Human resource issues should also be worked out in private. For hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices, patient confidentiality and HIPAA compliance are of the utmost concern. In addition, loud noises can have a direct effect on patient comfort. Fortunately, the barn door designs from AD Systems address each of these aspects with superior acoustic performance. Using a sliding door no longer has to mean compromising on acoustical privacy.
  • Space Maximization: In commercial settings, space is a top priority. Whether it’s in an office or a medical facility, it’s essential to use every square foot as efficiently as possible. This is not feasible in rooms where swing doors are installed since a wide swing path must be left clear to allow for them to open and shut and for accessibility clearance. In comparison, the top-hung design of barn doors maximizes floor space, only using the width of the door itself along the wall to slide back and forth. This means more equipment and furniture can be added to rooms without making them feel overcrowded or more rooms of offices can be added to a given floorplate.

Why Work With AD Systems?

AD Systems is proud to be a market leader in barn door designs for the commercial sector. The company was founded with the purpose of supplying high quality sliding door systems to architects, designers, and facility managers and has never wavered in its commitment to do so. With extensive knowledge and investment into the continued growth and development of its products, AD Systems is in a position to collaborate with industry professionals on a variety of projects, no matter the size or challenge. This team of experts is always prepared to help clients find the most suitable solutions for their needs.