hospital sliding doorsMany different types of businesses use sliding doors. But, now the medical community is beginning to see the advantages hospital sliding doors offer. AD Systems has designed a line of doors specifically for healthcare facilities. In fact, they knew that there were specific requirements for these buildings. So, they enlisted healthcare architects and staff to assist with the design.

The benefits of hospital sliding doors

Sound-blocking abilities

Of course, the appropriate sliding doors for a medical facility must have excellent sound-blocking capabilities. They should contain any sound within a room so that the sound doesn’t seep out. And conversely, the noise outside, in a hallway, for example, should not disturb anyone inside. Additionally, this technology ensures compliance with HIPAA regulations.


Also, doors get a lot of use in any type of medical facility. This means that they have to hold up well and function as they should for as long as possible. And, one of the biggest benefits of sliding doors is they get less wear and tear than those that swing. They operate smoothly along a top-hung track and there are no hinges to worry about. Thus, maintenance is minimal.

Better use of space

Swinging doors intrude on a room, limiting the amount of space that can get usage. This is never an issue with sliding doors. They basically act as movable walls. As a result, staff can utilize almost the entire square footage of a room. Then, there are the financial benefits, as well. Up to 30 additional square feet of floor space is available for every doorway utilizing a sliding door. Therefore, at the high cost per square foot of today’s facilities, that allows much more productive space in the building.

Less chance of injury

When open, swinging doors can be dangerous. Whether they protrude out into a hallway or within a room, they are a real tripping hazard. Plus, people can easily catch their fingers in the cracks.

ADA compliance

All businesses have to follow the rules regarding people with disabilities, as specified in the Americans with Disabilities Act. This means that anyone should be able to gain access to a room. Hospital sliding doors offer a larger clearance than swinging doors. With no floor tracks, there is nothing to impede equipment or foot traffic. AD Systems’ doors comply with ADA requirements. Thus, those with any level of ability can easily open and close the doors with minimal effort.

The ideal sliding doors for any hospital

The line of doors that AD Systems has designed specifically for medical facilities is ExamSlide™. These doors create more space, block out noise, and comply with the ADA and HIPAA regulations. Additionally, they come in an assortment of styles and have many options, to meet the exact needs of any medical facility. These options include both functional and aesthetic choices. Glazed glass, many hardware and material combinations and various security features are all available.

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