hospital doorWhen thinking about how to improve a medical facility, hospital management has to be strategic. They need to devise methods and tactics with the goal of making things better for patients, visitors, and staff. One way to do this is by replacing old doors. A new and improved type of hospital door offers many advantages, such as:

Enhanced privacy and sound control

Because the sharing of personal and sensitive information takes place frequently, privacy needs to be a concern of all medical facilities. Sliding doors by AD Systems are excellent for ensuring that sound stays inside and will not leak out, as is the case with most sliding barn doors. And because of this sound-blocking ability, this also means that noise will not disturb patients.

Better maneuverability for everyone

Traditional swinging doors are often more limited in clearance due to space constraints and hinge capacity. As a result, someone in a wheelchair may have trouble getting in and out. But sliding doors often open much wider, allowing ease of entry and exit for everybody. Plus, they slide along a track hung overhead. This means that there are no impediments on the floor and their projection into small spaces or corridors is minimal.

Maximized space

One of the distinct benefits of a sliding hospital door is the space it saves. Virtually the entire room is available for use. This means that there is extra room for furniture, equipment, and anything else needed. The average swinging door takes up approximately 30 square feet of valuable space with approach considerations

AD Systems has developed a state-of-the-art hospital door

ExamSlide™ from AD Systems can greatly enhance any medical facility. These sliding doors improve a variety of aspects, including noise reduction and space savings. They are also compliant with ADA regulations. The ExamSlide system comes in numerous colors and styles, so they can immediately improve the look of a hospital. Whether for clinical, emergency, procedure or restrooms settings, Examslide is a versatile option for hospital doors.