glass conference roomsAre you still deciding if glass conference rooms are what your office needs? There are many positive reasons to include glass conference rooms when designing or updating your offices.

Pros of Incorporating Glass Conference Rooms in Your Office Design

  • Accountability – Typically, our behavior is more professional when our interactions are visible to others. Our focus, attitude, posture and manners are at their best. We also hold others more accountable. This all helps meetings to be more efficient and productive.
  • Aesthetics – The looks of a glass conference room are seamless. They integrate easily with the rest of the office. There’s no need to busy the walls with boards, paintings or signs. Bonus, use the glass walls as a whiteboard when the creativity is flowing. Then wipe it away when you’re done, leaving nothing left but a beautiful glass wall.
  • Openness – Glass walls give the illusion of more space. The office area will feel larger, providing an atmosphere more conducive to creativity. Open areas promote a level of transparency and honesty.
  • Natural Light – Natural light improves productivity. The main reason is that sunlight helps keep our internal clocks in rhythm. Plus, it helps to boost our natural melatonin levels. These improve our sleep patterns, which in turn will increase our productivity. A bright, airy working environment also tends to boost morale.

Glass Sliding Doors

After deciding to create glass conference rooms for your office, it’s time to think about doors. AD Systems is a leader in sliding door systems for workplace and medical designs. They focus on providing acoustic performance solutions and commercial grade hardware for sliding doors to enhance functionality.

Their Officeslide™ doors are high-performing and uniquely designed for your specific office needs. There are choices in door finishes, hardware, security, acoustics and aesthetics. You can select from a range of door options including natural woods or laminates or aluminum stile and rail designs. For fixed panels and sliding doors, you can specify a wide range of decorative glass, resins or specialty products such as marker boards or integral blinds in order to achieve your design intent.

Explore our CAD and Revit files and hardware options to determine the perfect OfficeSlide configuration for your office.