glass conference roomMany industries require a certain amount of privacy when discussing new technology or sensitive subjects with their clients. These may include law firms, banks and technology companies among others. They want their conversations to remain confidential. In addition, companies do not want information or new ideas leaked outside of the company. That is why AD Systems is the company you can trust to help with your glass conference room design.

OfficeSlide™ Doors Offer Glass Conference Room Privacy

Soundproofing – The sound that escapes a room can be harmful when it means that conversations are not secure. Using OfficeSlide doors gives you the peace of mind that your discussions stay in the room. AD Systems has designed their sliding door and officfront systems to meet Acoustical Performance tests up to NIC 39. In addition, they offer noise isolation by sealing the gap that surrounds typical sliding doors and offering optional bottom seals.

Glazing – Do you want natural light to reach the office interior, yet have privacy too? Sandblasted or etched glazing, applied privacy films or specialty glazing such as switchable glass or integral blinds help achieve the balance of light transmission and privacy many projects require.

Specialized locking devices – When an office or conference room has personal or sensitive documents inside, it requires adequate locking abilities. That is why OfficeSlide doors come with the options of KeyCard or Access Control with mag lock. As a result, only individuals with the proper access can enter these rooms. Thus, documents remain safe and secure.

AD Systems – The Company You Can Trust

AD Systems started almost a decade ago. Their approach to office doors was revolutionary. Moreover, they have kept up with the changing wants and needs of their clients through the years. By listening to the feedback of architects, builders and facility owners, they are able to expand on designs and details. After viewing the photos of past client projects, scroll down to see all the features OfficeSlide doors offer!

When it comes to your clients, you want to make sure they feel as comfortable as possible. If their privacy is a concern, then you want to address it and AD Systems can help! Adding OfficeSlide doors to your glass conference room is exactly what you need for your clients’ privacy and yours.