glass barn doorsNatural light in an office space brings out an employee’s creativity, productivity and happier mental state. Your office building will benefit from installing glass doors. Glass barn doors have the ability to let in more natural light. AD Systems’ OfficeSlide™ doors offer this and so much more.

What do OfficeSlide Doors Offer?

Space Savings – OfficeSlide(TM) makes the most of valuable commercial real estate by eliminating inefficient swing paths. This means more usable space for offices, more clearance in tight spaces like phone rooms or even additional offices in the same floor plate.

Natural Light – Studies show that working in natural light helps regulate your circadian rhythms. Your body requires regulated circadian rhythms so it knows when to be alert and when to wind down for sleep. Equally important, it promotes productivity and satisfaction in your employees. Glass barn doors allow light to flow throughout a space.

Sound Reduction – OfficeSlide doors have a tested acoustical performance of up to NIC 39. Therefore, they have the ability to keep noise down. In turn, this helps with keeping conversations private. This is an essential feature in many business situations.

Aesthetic Appeal – There are multiple features available with these doors. For instance, you can add decorative glass such as frosted or colored glass that lets in natural light but providing privacy. Combine function with aesthetics by incorporating integral lighting or blinds. Choose from a variety of materials, finishes and hardware to complement any style interior.

OfficeSlide Doors in Use

OfficeSlide doors offer more benefits than other sliding glass doors on the market. Coastal Community Bank in Everett, WA shared their experience after working with AD Systems. They were extremely pleased that they chose to install OfficeSlide doors.

That bank wanted to bring natural light into the core of their building. They understood the importance of natural light to improved productivity. Also, as a financial service company, they had a great need for acoustical privacy.

OfficeSlide doors provide the required functions for your interior without sacrificing appearance. Their wood or metal frames and the wide variety of hardware options can perfectly enhance any office style or décor.

AD Systems Improved Glass Barn Doors

AD Systems has been creating and perfecting glass barn doors for almost a decade. They started with providing the solution to their clients’ need for acoustic mitigation and space saving. Since then, they have created sliding doors that meet multiple industry needs. In addition, they added extra features that make them safer, up to code and more attractive. By listening to their clients, including designers and architects, AD Systems has continued to grow their product line. Their engineers are continually improving their products; therefore, they consistently exceed expectations.