glass barn doorsGlass can easily transform the look and feel of any space and over the years it has become increasingly popular to incorporate glass elements into modern architecture and design. When it comes to commercial construction projects, glass barn doors provide architects, designers, and facility managers with the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic value.

As a leading supplier of barn door products for the commercial market, AD Systems is committed to quality in craftsmanship. Every door system the company carries has been constructed with attention to detail and top-of-the-line materials for unmatched results.

Reasons Commercial Construction Professionals Choose Glass Barn Doors to Complete Their Projects

There are a number of benefits to installing glass barn doors in a professional setting. Whether it’s for a corporate office, healthcare facility, educational institution, or another type of commercial project, glass door systems are considered to be the optimal choice for the following reasons:

  • Blocks Noise While Maintaining Transparency: Noise is a major concern that must be addressed in commercial construction. It’s necessary for a certain degree of privacy to be maintained, which means architects and designers must carefully consider acoustics when selecting door systems for a layout. AD Systems factors this into the construction of their glass barn doors, ensuring their system will minimize the transfer of sound, keep conversations confidential, and eliminate noisy distractions. Despite creating a barrier to preserve acoustic privacy, glass door systems will also uphold the desire for transparency and a more collaborative environment.
  • Low Maintenance: Glass doors are easy to clean and resilient in high traffic environments. They’re resistant to insects, rust, and corrosion and don’t collect dust. Their low maintenance quality makes them ideal for commercial applications, where cleanliness and hygiene are a priority. The design of AD systems frame system protects wall construction and aims to make surfaces easy to clean, which is essential in healthcare settings and other public places.
  • Energy Savings: A big advantage of installing glass doors is the energy savings they promote. By allowing more natural light to infiltrate a space, the need for artificial lighting significantly decreases, thus, lowering electricity costs. The addition of sunlight will not only impact expenses, but also the entire mood of a space, uplifting spirits and helping to create a more positive atmosphere.
  • Contemporary Style & Design: One of the most attractive things about investing in glass barn doors is that they will never go out of style. Glass is a timeless material, and with the full range of decorative options including decorative films, markerboards, etched glass, colored glass, integral blinds and decorative textures, you can be assured AD Systems can match the desired look for your project.

Invest in the Industry’s Finest Glass Barn Door Products From AD Systems

Since entering the commercial door industry in 2009, AD Systems has remained committed to excellence and continues to offer clients innovative products designed and manufactured with the latest technology. Architects, designers, and facility managers are consistently satisfied with the wide selection of door systems available, which allows them to easily comply with each projects’ specifications. When adding glass barn doors to a commercial construction or renovation design, AD Systems can offer the performance and aesthetics your project demands.