Whether building from scratch or renovating, there are a number of design elements to think about for a business. It is important to put an equal amount of focus on both form and function, and this is where the right doors can be essential. Regular swinging doors may be useful, but they don’t always contribute fully to the design and function of a space. This is why glass barn doors are beginning to become popular.

How do Glass Barn Doors …

Glass Barn DoorsSave money?

There are a few different ways that glass barn doors can help a company save money. First, when they are made with the best materials and installed properly, they will be able to hold up to a lot of usage for a very long time. Secondly, because they slide, this allows more of the square footage of a room to be utilized for furnishings, equipment and people, which means space can be maximized to its full potential, improving the ROI for building owners and tenants. Lastly, glass barn doors let much more light flow around an office. As a result, there will be less reliance on artificial light and heating systems, which will cut energy expenses and improve worker productivity.

Modernize an office?

Glass is one of those materials that immediately makes any office look contemporary. Regardless of the current color scheme or décor, glass always fits in perfectly. Plus, sliding doors are starting to become a big trend in workplaces, especially in tech companies and other innovation focused industries. Glass sliding doors are sleek and stylish and because they have several color and hardware options, they will instantly add a unique component to a business.

Boost productivity?

There are two ways in which glass sliding doors by AD Systems can help employees get more done each day. Number one: They provide good acoustic isolation. Noise is usually one of the worst distractions in an office, but people will not be bothered by it when the doors are closed. Acoustic isolation also keeps private conversatons private. Number two: As mentioned, glass sliding doors bring in natural light, which has been proven to be a big factor in workplace productivity.

Improve accessibility?

For some people, swinging doors are not terribly easy to use, especially the ones that swing outward. Wheelchair users or those that need walkers can have a difficult time opening these types of doors, as does anyone who sometimes has to carry papers, products or other handfuls through an office. In addition, most traditional doors do not have a very big clearance, which means they can provide further access issues. Glass sliding doors, however, make entering and exiting simple. The doors can easily be operated by anyone, and they smoothly glide along an overhead track. They also offer a large opening that will not restrict entry and exit from coming through. Glass sliding doors are ADA-compliant, which is important for businesses.

One of the best traits of glass barn doors is that they can be beneficial for any type of company. Used prominently in medical facilities, they are also starting to show up in schools and a variety of office buildings. For almost a decade, AD Systems has been at the forefront of the design of glass barn doors, and their models can be found in numerous office buildings around the U.S. They have developed a full line of glass sliding doors for both offices and medical facilities, which provide the best options for any unique entrance area. Contact AD Systems to work with a professional who can offer guidance for any specific project.