glass barn doorsWhen we think of glass barn doors, we often envision farmhouse homes. These homes have a welcoming, comfortable and casual charm. Corporate and medical center owners want to incorporate this ambience into their establishments. They find their staff, visitors and patients experience more positive energy in a less formal setting. AD Systems has taken these popular doors and created three versions that are ideal for corporate offices and medical centers.

ExamSlide doors are perfect for hospitals, patient rooms, free-standing ERs and other healthcare facilities. Since typical barn doors do not meet all healthcare standards, AD Systems improved on the concept of these doors. To that end, they worked closely with healthcare facility architects to ensure that this line fulfilled a growing need. Now, they are high-functioning and in compliance with ADA requirements.

All ExamSlide doors come equipped with a heavy-duty, top-hung roller system. This allows for smooth, maintenance-free operation. In addition, these doors have a soft-close dampening system that reduces noise and slamming. Also, this feature ensures confidentiality for conversations…an important requirement in medical facilities. An extra bonus with sliding doors is their space-saving ability. AD Systems has multiple hardware options that will match your style and décor. Additionally, to ensure the privacy of patients, they offer a range of transparent, translucent and opaque glass and many other functional options.

OfficeSlide door design makes them ideal for private offices, conference rooms and collaboration spaces. Office buildings are starting to switch from stark, generic décor to modern and casual styles. Collaborative spaces have replaced cubicles. In addition, sliding glass doors are replacing heavy solid office doors.

This style door comes equipped with the same functional features as the ExamSlide doors. With a variety of glass options, OfficeSlide balances design intent with functional requirements such as visual privacy or dayligtingh.  AD Systems closed the perimeter gaps that often plague sliding doors. The OfficeSlide doors are customizable, so they can fit most any door opening. There are various styles of hardware and materials from which to choose.

InsetSlide doors include all the best features that ExamSlide and OfficeSlide doors offer. Their unique feature is their ability to fit between walls. They come with an easy-to-clean aluminum frame system that protects wall construction.

Choose from multiple hardware and locking options. Doors like these fit both corporate office buildings and medical facilities. InsetSlide doors will enhance the building with function and aesthetic appeal.

Glass Barn Doors with a Professional Twist

AD Systems has been leading the way in barn door styles for almost a decade. They pride themselves in their ability to turn their customers’ needs and wants into reality. One look at their gallery of past projects will have you convinced they are the one for the job! If you want to create a more casual atmosphere in your office or medical center, contact AD Systems. They have put a professional twist on traditional glass barn doors that will fit your space.