glass barn doorsMost architects and facility owners are facing the dilemma of trying to balance function with attractive style. For many industries, office spaces can be dreary or uninviting. This is usually because the necessary functionality of the space must be top priority. But this is no longer a trade-off that facility owners and designers have to make. Corporate offices, hospitals, and even medical offices, can benefit from glass barn doors and the benefits they provide. And when they come from AD Systems, customers know they’re getting a quality product they can trust. Their barn doors strike a balance between form and function, so builders can give their clients what they want.

Glass Barn Doors for Offices

Thanks to glass barn doors from AD Systems, builders can make office spaces stylish while still offering superior functionality. AD Systems offers a variety of choices. Thus, every office building designer can find the choice that’s right for their unique project.

Check out the options for office settings below:

  • OfficeSlide™—The OfficeSlide is perfect for all office applications. By offering performance features and greater design flexibility, the OfficeSlide is well-suited to any setting. From private offices to conference rooms and entryways, the OfficeSlide is the perfect choice. Best of all, it is fully customizable in size and configurations.
  • InsetSlide™—This door is a great choice when an office space requires multiple uses. As such, it accommodates unique wall fittings. The InsetSlide comes in wood or aluminum stile and has rail doors with multiple options. Offering a more modern and sleek design, this solution is great for any application.

Hospital and Medical Facilities

The ExamSlide is the perfect door for healthcare applications. AD Systems’ engineers designed it specifically for clinics, restrooms, medical offices, emergency rooms and more. Thus, it offers durability and privacy. Featuring a unique design, the ExamSlide combines performance with function for the security needed in healthcare applications. And, patients can feel safe and secure with the system’s soundproofing. This solution can also save up to 30 square feet per doorway, as compared to a traditional swinging door. At today’s prices, every square foot is valuable and needs to provide a return on investment!

Check out this gallery to see how these doors can improve any office space. Contact AD Systems for a free estimate or to discuss the requirements of your next project.