barn doorMedical facility designs can benefit from the use of barn door – another term for a top hung sliding door- solutions. Not only do they save space and provide aesthetic qualities, but they are useful in meeting the strict requirements necessary for medical facilities. AD Systems provides barn door solutions that function well in several different applications, as well as complying with ADA and HIPAA requirements..

Medical Offices

Privacy is a major concern in medical facilities. Doctors and other medical personnel need privacy and quiet when working on medical cases. Patients need privacy when interacting with medical personnel. A barn door easily operates to address this concern by closing off space where speech privacy can be expected when needed. HIPAA regulations address access to patient records. Barn doors by AD Systems are available with added security with hardware options that lock via key or card reader and limit access to confidential information.

In addition to privacy and security, barn doors add to the style and appeal of the facility’s environment. An elegant wood or glass door with a modern aesthetic sets a professional tone for the medical personnel and patients. The personnel’s well-being improves when they do not feel cramped in a small work space. A barn door easily opens to connect with the space outside the office. Glass is ideal for maintaining an open feel even when closed, without compromising privacy and quiet. For added privacy, acoustical seals increase the level of soundproofing.

Exam Rooms

An exam room with a barn door provides the functionality and privacy that a patient needs. Doors slide closed to provide quiet for a patient’s recovery or to create a private space for the patient to speak with the doctor. Interactions between the doctor and patient remain confidential behind closed doors with the addition of acoustical seals for stronger soundproofing. The wrapped jambs present a more finished appearance and enhanced durability for high traffic use. Because many new exam room designs can for dual entry, a barn door can be an essential solution in efficient room design. With less square footage for door swing, more space is available for equipment, casework, furnishings and patient and guest seating.


Patient restrooms are small spaces that must still accommodate people using wheelchairs and other mobility devices. A barn door provides a practical solution eliminating barriers created by swing doors. A barn door can easily fulfill the width requirements needed for easy ingress and egress. The space-saving aspect allows patients using mobility devices to navigate without being limited by doors that intrude into the small space and hinder maneuverability.


Medical facilities operate more efficiently when needed items are organized and stored in designated places. A barn door easily closes off storage space for medical supplies. A variety of available hardware such as key locks or card readers keeps the area secured and limits access to only authorized personnel.

Architects, specifiers, and planners will find barn doors to be a practical, durable, and aesthetic solution for medical facility designs. AD Systems’ Barn Doors are high-performance doors available in a variety of finishes and colors. Available hardware in brushed stainless steel features ADA compliant options such as:

  • Thumb turn with key lock
  • Thumb turn with indicator
  • Self-latching thumb turn with key lock and lever
  • Key lock with ladder pull

Professional Barn Door Applications

The top-hung structure features exposed hardware with hidden floor guides to accommodate access. The door slides with ease needing only a minimum opening force. With the soft-close feature, you have quiet operation and reduced injuries. With a wide variety of customization possible, AD Systems doors will perfectly complement any medical facility design. Contact AD Systems today for more information or to obtain a quote.

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