fire rated sliding doorLife safety is a critical concern for all buildings, particularly high occupancy facilities like schools, offices, and hospitals. High occupancy goes hand in hand with fire-ratings designed to protect those occupants and those ratings have often posed challenges to designers who face more limited options for fire-rated openings. A fire-rated sliding barn door product has been an unmet market need until today.

Offering a much-needed solution, AD Systems is proud to announce a new fire rated sliding door system.

As one of the country’s premier commercial door providers, they are responding to a critical need. As AD Systems’ sliding doors have grown in popularity in hospitals, schools, clinics, and other locations, they have regularly received the customer request for fire-rated sliders and responded through extensive R&D efforts. Several years in the making, we are thrilled to officially announce our 45 minute rated sliding door system.

How the fire rated sliding door works

Like all fire-rated doors, AD Systems fire rated sliding doors are designed to prevent flame and smoke from crossing from one side of the opening to another, giving occupants time to safely exit a building in an emergency. Swing doors have long been the only choice for such areas, thus AD Systems is excited to be able to offer building owners and architects the opportunity to utilize their new 45 minute fire-rated sliding door assembly for openings up to 40″ wide by 8′ tall.

This unique product will allow a wide range of projects to benefit from the space savings and operation of a sliding door while still achieving a full 45-minute fire-rating. The doors feature self-closing devices and self-latching hardware that meets compliance requirements for this type of opening. Designers may specify a wide range of wood species and veneers and the aesthetics of this new system closely match the standard non-rated AD Systems products, for a harmonious look throughout rated and non-rated areas of a project.

The AD Systems’ fire-rated sliding doors are available immediately for projects in the USA. For more information on system details and limitations, please contact our team and Get in touch to learn more.