exam room doorsNo matter the area, real estate is rarely an inexpensive investment. When a business is created – especially if it will be housed in a big building – people know that a significant amount of money will have to be spent. This is why smart owners and operators look for things they can do to get the most out of a space. The more usage a building will get, the bigger the return on investment will be. This is particularly true for a medical facility. Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare businesses have to be designed to maximize all of the space they have to work with, and one of the ways they can do this is with the use of sliding exam room doors.

Sliding exam room doors allow the entire space to be used

Exam rooms are at the heart of any medical facility, and they need to contain certain items, including an exam table, cabinetry, computer desk, seating, sink, exam lighting and any other necessary components. They also may require specialized equipment that could be large or bulky. With sliding exam room doors, every inch of the room can be utilized. When a traditional door swings open, immediately a good portion of the space can’t be used. Nothing can go behind the door or it will risk being in the way or getting damaged. This is never an issue with sliding exam room doors that project only minimally from the wall and require significantly less approach clearance when compared to the arc of a swing door.

In addition to saving space, sliding exam room doors can also save money. Because more of a room can be utilized, this means the facility can be put to better use. This could involve being able to put in items that were taking up space elsewhere, or perhaps bringing in new equipment that couldn’t fit before. Perhaps this will allow an exam room to be split into multiple rooms so a couple of patients could be seen at the same time. This will help expedite things and allow the facility to treat more people every day, which will increase profitability.

Most likely, exam room doors are taken for granted in a medical facility. Doctors and nurses see and use them so often, they probably hardly ever give them much thought. But designers and architects think about them. They know that while typical swinging doors can be functional, they are severely lacking in several areas. When a new medical facility is being conceived, the person or investors footing the bill want their money to go as far as possible. This is why every element of the building has to be considered in order to provide maximum function and return on investment.

With this in mind, AD Systems has created top-of-the-line exam room doors designed to offer excellent space-saving abilities. In addition, these doors provide exceptional noise control, can be easily operated by anyone, and add a new and interesting décor element. AD Systems is at the forefront of the latest technological advancements in medical doors, which is why their exam room doors are used by facilities all over the U.S.

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