sliding glass doorsOver the last several years, offices have been changing. Employers have begun to realize that doing things the same way may not be good for morale and/or productivity. For example, many businesses have decided to do away with cubicles. Instead of individual workstations, offices have started to shift to more open layouts. This makes the workspace look a lot more welcoming instead of being segmented. And while they can be good for building teamwork and fostering creativity, these areas are not ideal for everyone. There are two problems that open environments can produce: lack of privacy and an increase in distractions. So, how can an office maintain the sleek look and feel of an open space but still offer employees the best possible work setting? With the use of sliding glass doors.

Increased Privacy and Productivity

Sliding glass doors for individual offices are a great alternative to cubicles and a completely open layout. They enable employees to have their own spaces and not have to worry about private phone calls or sensitive information being overheard by other people. Sliding glass doors may also have a sound-blocking feature, which makes them better suited to tuning out noise. And because it works both ways, meetings can be held behind sliding glass doors and the sound inside will not interfere with the rest of the office. The acoustic qualities in AD Systems sliding glass doors are particularly good for healthcare facilities and medical offices.

Improved Space Usage and Enhanced Design Elements

Another big benefit of sliding glass doors is that they allow much more space to be utilized. Whether the doors are open or shut, the amount of space in a room that is able to be used remains the same. Sliding glass doors are especially good for offices that do not have a lot of space and need to maximize all of it. In addition to their practical purposes, sliding glass doors also look great. Glass never goes out of style and always adds a sleekness and sophistication to an office. Plus, sliding glass doors come in a variety of styles and can be customized in different wood, laminate, or paint finishes.

Preserving the Look of an Open Office with Sliding Glass Doors

For offices that are going for the look of an open office but do not want to create one big space, sliding glass doors are perfect. Because everything and everyone can still be seen, the office will look open and friendly. The glass will allow light to flow through the entire area, which will also create a warm and bright atmosphere. If more privacy is desired, decorative glass or decorative films can be strategically placed to enhance the visual privacy of the spaces.

Smart businesses are beginning to recognize the impact their office environment has on employees and how it can affect their bottom line. This is why many are opting for new features such as sliding glass doors, and using architects who know how best to incorporate them into their office designs. And for almost a decade, architects have trusted AD Systems to supply them with the highest quality sliding glass doors on the market.