hospital doorsDoors play a key role in any type of building, and perhaps especially in a hospital. Patients want to know that their privacy is secure. But functionality in these environments dedicated to the serious business of safeguarding patient health just as crucial. This is where ExamSlide™ sliding doors for hospital applications can come in. They can improve both form and function and help facility planners to optimize their designs for efficient patient care.

Benefits of AD Systems’ Hospital Doors


Healthcare designers are always challenged to maximize space utilization in hospitals and clinics where people, equipment and clearances must all be accommodated in a highly coordinated, safe and practical manner. Sliding doors can assist with this objective by minimizing the footprint required for the door, which can be particularly useful in restroom, exam room and certain patient room areas in hospital settings.


Appearance is also important component of a hospital. Patients and visitors want a warm and welcoming environment. This is why architects don’t overlook design in medical spaces. Making healthcare spaces highly functional without them feeling overly institutional or clinical is a major task of healthcare designers.

ExamSlide from AD Systems comes in a variety of design choices. These include different wood and metal options, decorative glazing and even aspects such as integrated lighting. These hospital doors can add a new element to décor or blend in with the current aesthetic.


In addition to aesthetics, ExamSlide also offers key functional features not often incorporated into sliding doors. ExamSlide is designd with acoustic performance in mind. It’s unique frame design also safeguards visual privacy while protecting the wall construction around door openings in high traffic hospital environments. AD Systems offers smoke rated solutions for those areas that require a UL 1784 tested product.

When it comes to hardware, ExamSlide can also incorporate a variety of options. Such as privacy locks, self-latching hardware, single action egress models and mag locks for integration with access control devices. For spaces that require full hands free assisted operation, AD Systems offers fully automated assemblies with a range of control mechanisms. Soft closers are standard on all ExamSlide doors, ensuring a smooth closing action and reducing wear and tear on the assemblies.

Not all areas of hospitals can make use of sliding door assemblies, but their selective application can make a major contribution to improving efficiency and layout. Doors by AD Systems are able to offer large clear openings, particularly in the aluminum stile and rail models, and can address the functional requirements of these crucial spaces. Contact AD Systems knowledgeable staff today to determine if they can offer the hospital doors your project requires.