designing collaborative spaces for schoolsNew approaches to learning often mean creating new models to enable implementation of the ideas. Thus, professionals designing collaborative spaces for schools must address new challenges in design. Today, we’ll take a look at some of these challenges. Then, we’ll look at how interior sliding doors like the AD Systems’ OfficeSlide™ and InsetSlide™ can effectively address them.

Goals of Designing Collaborative Spaces for Schools

Whether it’s staff conference rooms or collaborative learning spaces, 21st-century education has a definite focus on working together. When architects and designers create these spaces, some of the challenges they face include:

  • Controlled Environments: With an increased focus on different learning styles, the definition of “distraction” has changed. But when it’s time to work, a controlled environment (especially sound) is still important.
  • Flexible Design: Architects must design educational spaces purposefully, which makes a variety of space configurations necessary. For this reason, it’s vital to have a range of design options available.
  • Professional Optics: A thoughtfully designed, contemporary look is an important asset for any educational institution.

Rising to the Challenge

Choosing the right type of door can have great benefits for a collaborative space. Larger work spaces may require traditional swinging doors, but AD Systems’ interior sliding doors offer great benefits for smaller areas:

  • Sound Control: All AD Systems’ doors provide superior sound control, thanks to their flush design and acoustic dampening gaskets.
  • Flexibility: AD Systems’ doors come in a variety of configurations, including optional sidelight and transom window packages. More available options include key card readers, ADA-compliant latches, and window glazing.
  • Space Efficiency: Sliding doors can save up to 30 square feet per door compared to traditional swinging models.
  • Aesthetics: All door models come in dozens of different finishes and hardware options for any visual palette.
  • Functionality: There are many functional options available, to enhance the unique work area. These include white boards, integrated blinds and lighting elements.

AD Systems offers two exceptional door systems for educational institutions, the OfficeSlide and InsetSlide:

  • OfficeSlide: The flagship office model of AD Systems’ sliding doors, the OfficeSlide provides effortless performance for educational institutions. Its “barn door” design improves efficiency and conserves space. For maximum sound control, add an optional patent-pending four-sided acoustic seal.
  • InsetSlide: AD Systems’ customers asked for a more traditional pocket door option. The company responded with a door with integral sidelite (allowing it to slide within an opening) that maintains its high standards and uses the same cutting-edge engineering. The InsetSlide is the door for your collaborative space if you need a flush look.

Professionals facing the challenges of designing collaborative spaces for schools should consider what AD Systems’ doors have to offer. Looking through their project gallery will give you an idea of the variations available.

Start now on your custom sliding door solution, and call AD Systems today at 425-374-1360 or request a free quote.