office doorsOffice doors have undergone various transformations based on office space designs and the materials required by clients. Some businesses trying to reduce costs want to maximize their office space. Demands may require opening up the floor for a large meeting space to accommodate the entire department or closing off space for a client meeting. Many tech companies encourage collaboration among departments, individuals, and working teams by utilizing flexible floor plans. This may include spaces for meetings and in-person collaboration. With various office door options available, architects and designers can meet their clients’ goals and requirements. Here are some of the current trends in office doors.

Sliding Glass Office Doors

Sliding glass office doors maintain an open atmosphere, while allowing for private work spaces. These doors are Ideal for collaborative work environments. The glass creates a sense of space and allows natural light in, increasing worker well-being and saving energy. Fitting these office doors with acoustic seals or frosted glass will still promote openness of the space, while providing an area for private work sessions.

Acoustic Doors

Acoustic office doors are a great way to manage noise and increase privacy. Office environments utilizing space for private meetings can reduce and eliminate noise leakage with acoustic doors. Medical facilities can use acoustic office doors to help comply with HIPAA regulations concerning privacy of information. Acoustic seals and gaskets increase the effectiveness of these doors and a bottom seal can further improve acoustical performance.

Officefronts with Sliding Doors

As the work environment changes, the design needs change as well. The cubicle and walled offices are beginning to fade from use. With more companies wanting a modern-looking space, they find that sliding doors achieve this with a style fitting their company image. Sliding doors offer flexibility in how space is used. Many businesses are adopting an interdepartmental collaborative approach. With sliding doors, it is easy to open up space between different departments or to create smaller collaboration spaces for work groups to encourage impromptu gatherings and teamwork. The sliding doors and officefronts can also be used to close off spaces when needed for privacy.

Whether you opt for glass barn doors, acoustic doors, or sliding doors, there are several options available to customize them for the clients’ needs. AD Systems offers a wide selection of hardware and finishes. Frames are offered in the standard silver and bronze with options for custom colors. Doors are available in a variety of finishes such as wood, laminate, and aluminum. For distinct requirements, specialized doors are available. Designers looking for an elegant look matched with durability may opt for a panel door. A medical facility may need lead-lined doors for radiation protection. Steel doors are ideal for increased security and fire protection in commercial settings. AD Systems also offers hardware in a standard brushed stainless steel along with ADA-compliant choices.

When it comes to outfitting a space with the proper door, AD Systems can meet your needs. By keeping track of the trends and offering quality door selections, architects and designers can be confident that the doors meet specifications. Contact AD Systems today to request more information or to receive a quote.