interior barn doorsOffice and commercial environment planners are looking for more ways to optimize their space. Interior barn doors offer functionality, ease of use, and customization options. Many architects and designers choose barn doors as a way to control space in professional and commercial environments.

Advantages of Interior Barn Doors

  • Save space: The barn door’s top hung system allows you to maximize space with minimal opening and closing effort and no floor tracks or thresholds. Sliding doors work well where the intent is to have a large opening that invites occupants into a space. When privacy is desired for collaboration, private meetings or simple noise control. the doors can be easily closed to create separation. Sliding doors have a much smaller footprint than swinging doors that require a significant amount of space for their swing and associated clearances.
  • Create private spaces: Interior barn doors are ideal for separating a large space into smaller private areas. The use of opaque materials creates enclosed spaces for maximum privacy. Semi-private spaces using glass doors allows natural light while still maintaining privacy. Storage and supply areas can be closed off with interior barn doors when not in use. By selecting from AD Systems’ range of door leaf designs you can find the right door type to fit your design needs (from full privacy to translucent to transparent).
  • Enhance décor: Barn doors can add a strong aesthetic statement to the modern office environment. Designers can choose from metal, wood, and other materials to accent or create the tone of the space. Sliding doors in general are an aesthetic upgrade and draw attention to their unique use in a space.
  • Optimize natural light: Glass sliding doors allow for natural light to flow through spaces even though they are separated. This influx of natural daylight promotes an open space and contributes to the well-being of personnel within the environment. Almost any type of glass can be incorporated into a sliding door and transoms or sidelites can be further added for improving daylighting or lighting throughout a space.

Applications for Interior Barn Doors

Medical facilities benefit from the space saving advantages of interior barn doors. The wide openings also offer ADA compliance for mobility aids such as wheelchairs and scooters; there are no floor tracks or thresholds with AD Systems’ designs that would impede access. Hardware options such as privacy locks and self-latching fixtures offer ADA compliant privacy features as required in medical environments.

Commercial businesses, such as hotels, can utilize interior barn doors to define space and separate areas. The bathroom can be separated from the bedroom or the doors can section off a private work or social space. These doors can also be designed to enhance the décor of the room.

Modern offices often use interior barn doors to divide the workspace to accommodate different departments or open the space for collaborative teamwork. Phone rooms, small collaboration spaces, mothers’ rooms and storage areas are all great potential spaces for the use of sliding doors.

The flexibility afforded by interior barn doors makes this an ideal option to incorporate into any business or commercial space design. AD Systems offers high-quality sliding barn doors that easily integrate into the design of any space. With a variety of options for materials and hardware, designers can develop practical and aesthetic solutions for their needs. Contact AD Systems today to talk to a consultant about your design requirements or to request a quote.