commercial sliding doorsBusinesses always need to look for an edge. Competition in every industry is fierce, so it is important to constantly seek advantages. This is why many companies now decide to change up their office space. One of the ways they do this is by adding new elements, like OfficeSlide™ from AD Systems. These commercial sliding doors offer many advantages over prior generations of office doors.

Why OfficeSlide is the Premier Commercial Sliding Doors System

OfficeSlide provides companies with several benefits, including:

Sound control

Noise distractions are common in a busy office. And because they can easily reduce productivity, this is bad for the bottom line of any organization. The OfficeSlide system eliminates these distractions. When these commercial sliding doors close, they block out most ambient noise. AD Systems designed them to meet acoustical performance levels up to NIC 39.

These doors also work to keep sound contained within a room. Often meetings or conference calls can get loud. But with OfficeSlide, that interior noise will not bleed out into the rest of the office space.


Because OfficeSlide doors are so good at sealing in sound, phone calls and conversations will stay private. This type of speech privacy performance is particularly critical in today’s open plan environments. Spaces such as collaboration, conference and phone rooms must offer a place of quiet and privacy within the collaborative open space.

The economy of space

One big advantage that businesses appreciate with sliding doors, is the amount of floor space they save. Sliding doors – as opposed to swinging doors – provide up to 30 square feet more available space. This is an important consideration, since every square foot in today’s buildings is expensive. A business receives a higher ROI by utilizing every square foot of the space they purchased.

Aesthetic appeal

The OfficeSlide system is not just functional; it can also add to the design and décor of an office. Commercial sliding doors bring a new and modern aesthetic to any business. AD Systems can further accommodate virtually any wood species, stain or laminate and a full range of decorative glazing, allowing designers to incorporate these systems in any project ranging from the traditional to the contemporary.

Added function

The engineers at AD Systems used feedback from many commercial architects and decision-makers when designing this line of sliding doors. The many options available add specific functions as required by the client. These may include security features, soft-close technology, integrated blinds, various levels of glazing or marker boards.

Contact AD Systems to discuss your project, whether new construction or renovation. An experienced consultant will help you choose the perfect solution for your needs.