collaborative space designMany industries are making the move to creating collaborative space or small conference rooms, particularly within larger open plan work environments. Typically, conference rooms consist of a large table with chairs positioned around it. This new collaborative space design allows for moveable furniture that coworkers position as needed. In addition, they have an open, flowing design to help influence creativity. AD Systems has developed the ideal sliding doors for these spaces.

Why Your Office Should Include a Collaborative Space

Collaborative spaces promote teamwork instead of competition. This in turn helps improve healthy work relationships. Instead of the stress of comparing to other coworkers, you are working side by side helping each other achieve goals. Teamwork cuts back on moodiness, stress and anxiety. The result is that everyone is working as a team, not opposing one another.

These are the rooms of ideas. Shared space helps creativity thrive. Coworkers share knowledge, ideas and suggestions. They learn from one another, which improves innovation and produces better projects. A recent Forbes article stated these facts. “Participants in the research who were primed to act collaboratively stuck at their task 64% longer than their solitary peers. Whilst also reporting higher engagement levels, lower fatigue levels and a higher success rate.”

Collaborative spaces create a more motivating and supportive environment. Moreover, they tend to stay fast-paced and energy-filled. Their shared goals keep people more motivated to complete jobs and moving forward. The shared spaces give a sense of community, accompanied with positive feedback and guidance amongst the group.

The Doors that Complete Collaborative Space Design

OfficeSlide™ – These high performing and aesthetically pleasing sliding doors are ideal for collaboration spaces. They offer fully customizable sizes and configurations. OfficeSlide doors have multiple choices in finishes and hardware. To help with creative thinking and collaboration, marker boards are an inset option. Hence, this all makes them easy to customize to enhance your office style and décor.

InsetSlide™ – InsetSlide doors are the newest sliding door solution by AD Systems. They took the classic sliding door style and designed it to inset between the walls. These doors are space-saving, smooth maintenance-free operational and soft closing. The doors come standard with acoustical perimeter seals. Thus, helping with a need for privacy or blocking noise from the rest of the office.

AD Systems’ doors are the ultimate choice for small (15 or less people) collaborative spaces. Scrolling through their gallery proves how beautiful and functional these doors are in actual office settings. Knowing how beneficial collaborative spaces are for the workplace is the first step. The next step is to call AD Systems to help you with a collaborative space design for your office.