room door designsAre you looking for the best room door designs for a business or other establishment? Sliding interior doors are functional, affordable, space saving and aesthetically pleasing.

AD Systems has a perfect interior sliding door to fit any building type. Their traditional sliding barn doors are perfect for many commercial projects. They even have specific sliding door designs that are ideal for office buildings, healthcare facilities and educational or public complexes.

Specific Room Door Designs

Examslide™ doors are ideal for most medical centers, practices and hospitals. These doors are based on AD Systems’ original barn door that incorporates the design, function and performance demanded in medical facilities. Examslide doors save significant space compared to traditional swing style doors. They hang from heavy duty rollers that give them a smooth slide. Plus, they have soft-closing mechanisms to keep them from slamming shut. With a range of hardware options and available smoke ratings, they meet the needs of many types of medical projects

OfficeSlide™ doors are a perfect choice for private and conference room office spaces. These doors are high performing and match any business office aesthetics. You can choose from single or bi-parting pairs of doors. They also offer partitions, so the doors and storefronts can be seamlessly integrated. You can add integral blinds or switchable privacy glass to OfficeSlide doors. Additional options are marker boards, solid panels and integral lighting features.

InsetSlide™ doors are the newest of the AD Systems sliding door styles. They incorporate many of the other doors’ features. Yet, this style slides within the wall opening. They use an integral sidelite that makes the doors able to fit between walls. You can choose different wood or aluminum stile and rail with glass doors and the sidelites can feature decorative glazing, markerboards or a variety of solid infill panels. InsetSlide doors work in offices, medical facilities and many other building types.

What else does AD Systems have to offer?

AD Systems offers multiple door hardware, finishes and materials to fit your specific needs and wants. They offer wood, laminate and glass doors of multiple thickness. Glazed glass doors add privacy. Select from numerous styles of locks, handles and other hardware that will complement your unique building requirements.

AD Systems has years of engineering experience and is a leader in commercial sliding door innovation. Their product lines are based on feedback from their clients and building owners and they are constantly innovating and improving their product to address safety, design, security and aesthetic requirements.

If you are looking for high-functioning, high design and space-saving interior doors, then AD Systems has what you need.