interior barn doorsWorkplace design evolves as trends grow in use. Planners, designers, and architects are finding interior barn doors provide needed flexibility in office environments. With design focus moving toward re-configuring space, encouraging teamwork, better lighting, and noise mitigation, many find the barn door to be an ideal solution. Here are five of the ways interior barn doors benefit the office environment.

Save Space

Interior barn doors have a smaller footprint when it comes to taking up space. Swing doors usually need a clearance of 25-30 square feet. In comparison, a barn door just needs enough space along the wall to slide it open and closed and allows more space than a swing door. For office areas with limited space, a barn door is an ideal solution.

Reconfigure Layout

Many office environments, especially high-tech and non-traditional layouts, want the ability to transform the space according to need. Interior barn doors are great at closing off space to create individual work areas or promoting more privacy. They also can open up to combine work areas or departments and encourage an open environment conducive to collaboration and work groups.

Acoustical Qualities

The level of noise in an office environment often contributes to worker well-being and performance. Interior barn doors can be used to increase privacy and reduce noise levels. A barn door can easily close off space to create quiet places for concentrated work or private conversations. A barn door with a high sound transmission class (STC) rating coupled with acoustical seals around the jambs gives an extra boost to soundproofing.

Aesthetic Statement

With a variety of options for styles and finishes, you can make an aesthetic statement in any space with a barn door. Glass gives an open feel to an office space while allowing in natural light. For a classic, elegant feel, wood interior barn doors are available. Tinted, etched, or glazed glass doors can also be incorporated into designs. Specialty doors offer unique solutions such as creating a modern look with metal or using color to match or harmonize with office décor and style.

ADA Compliance

Accessibility is an important factor in any office or commercial environment. The design of the space needs to accommodate both employees and clients that may have disabilities. Barn doors eliminate exposed floor tracks. The top hung structure includes a concealed bottom door guide which aids in egress and ingress, especially for those using wheelchairs or other mobility devices. Interior barn doors also are easy and lightweight in operation with some offering soft-closing and even self-closing action to prevent injuries and reduce the occupant’s need to interact with the door. With ADA-compliant hardware such as thumb turns, levers, and self-latching hardware, people with disabilities can easily utilize the space.

Interior Barn Doors with AD Systems

AD Systems’ expertise has provided high-performance doors throughout the world. The line of high-quality interior barn doors meet all code requirements and are an ideal solution for any office project. Designers, architects, and planners have practical options that will integrate with any design needs, including custom finishes and hardware. For more information on available doors or to receive a quote for your next project, contact AD Systems today.

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