barn doors Staying on the pulse of the latest design trends is just as important in commercial construction as it is for residential design. Architects and designers are continuously looking for ways to incorporate the newest products and ideas into their plans to create the most functional and visually appealing professional environments possible. Interior barn doors are an increasingly popular element used to accomplish this goal. These door systems can be installed in a range of applications to solve common layout challenges and take spaces to another level.

As a leading supplier of sliding barn doors for commercial and healthcare spaces, AD Systems has helped numerous architects, designers, and facility managers successfully accomplish their design intent. The company understands that choosing the right door system for a professional setting requires careful thought and planning. In response to the increasing demand for better performing and more stylish interior spaces, they offer highly innovative product lines that allow clients to get the most out of their architectural arrangements.

Barn Door Applications in Modern Design

From healthcare facilities and corporate offices to educational institutions and bank branches, barn doors are continuing to prove their value in a wide variety of commercial applications. With AD Systems’ Officeslide™, Examslide™, and Insetslide™ barn door systems, the options are endless. These sliding door systems are specially designed to meet the stringent requirements of medical construction, as well as the versatile needs of other commercial sectors. This is why they are the ideal accessibility solution for patient restrooms, hospital rooms, clinic exam rooms, conference rooms, private offices, collaboration spaces and any other environment where you need a balance of privacy and space savings.

Benefits of Installing Barn Doors

Compared to conventional hinged doors, sliding barn doors put commercial construction projects at an advantage in several aspects. Installing this alternative type of door system will yield the following benefits:

  • Efficient Use of Space: With traditional swing doors, professional environments lose a great percentage of valuable floor space. In contrast, barn door systems open and close by gliding along the wall, which leaves the area all around them free and clear to be utilized in an efficient manner. AD Systems’ doors increase usable space by up to 30 square feet for each doorway.
  • Sound Mitigation: Noise is a major source of concern in commercial design. It’s important for sensitive conversations to be kept confidential and distractions minimized. The acoustical performance of doors will determine how well a professional space is able to preserve privacy and promote productivity. Taking this into consideration, AD Systems puts their doors through rigorous testing to ensure a suitable NIC rating is achieved, a very unique feat for a “barn door.”
  • Timeless Style: Whether designed in wood or glass, barn doors have a charming character that will never go out of style. They perfectly complement construction and renovation plans that are looking to take a more contemporary architectural approach and can be produced using an assortment of finishs, glazing options, and ADA-compliant hardware.

AD Systems Brings Enhanced Function & Appeal to Commercial Construction

AD Systems offers the commercial market a full line of high performance barn doors in a selection of styles to fit any project’s specifications. Since entering the industry in 2009, the company’s name has been synonymous with quality craftsmanship and superior customer service. They are committed to excellence and are continually searching for ways to help architects and designers improve the look and feel of their designs.