barn doors with glassThe use of sliding doors in medical and commercial construction has been undergoing something of a revolution as more owners and designers look for solutions that save space, enhance aesthetics and improve efficiency in operations. Barn doors with glass such as the ExamSlide™ and OfficeSlide™ designs by AD systems provide excellent solutions for many projects.

Medical barn doors with glass

Many medical facilities are acutely aware of how a door can either enhance or detract from the overall functionality of a space. They are moving towards accommodating people of all abilities, while keeping people and equipment moving efficiently through their spaces. Many medical leading medical facilities such as the VA, Kaiser, Sutter Health and Cedars Sinai are looking to sliding doors to help achieve their design and operational goals. Chief amongst those are space savings and low-maintenance operation.

AD Systems has developed a line of sliding barn doors specifically designed for medical facilities. They developed the ExamSlide™ door system by working closely with healthcare industry architects and the result has been the development of many popular features.

This line of barn doors with glass comes standard with dual soft-close dampeners, reducing wear and tear and protecting occupants. AD Systems also developed their doors specifically with acoustic privacy in mind, creating a frame system that effectively seals around the perimeter of the door, including an optional automatic door bottom. This frame design also protects wall construction in high traffic areas.The ExamSlide doors move effortlessly on a top-hung roller system. That heavy-duty system eliminates floor tracks that can impede assistive devices and hospital equipment.

Many medical facilities are now utilizing barn doors with glass throughout the building. The addition of glass allows light to flow through a space, giving it an less “clinic” feel to many patients. With the use of decorative techniques like frosts, frits and films, the desire for visual privacy can be balanced with the benefits of light transmission.. There are many choices of finishes, hardware, integrated blinds and functional features to customize ExamSlide to a project’s individual needs.

Office barn doors with glass

Privacy is also important in corporate offices. But aside from keeping conversations confidential, sliding barn doors with glass offer another big benefit. These doors can dramatically cut down on noise distractions. AD Systems’ sliding doors designs fit perfectly with office layouts. The OfficeSlide™ doors have many features that improve the security, acoustics and aesthetics in an office environment. They are an ideal solution for private offices, collaboration spaces, conference rooms or small areas such as phone rooms, restrooms or mother’s rooms.

Designing with AD Systems Barn Doors with Glass

As you dive in to designing your medical or workplace project, explore what sliding doors have to offer your design. CAD and Revit files are at the ready as is our team who can guide you through hardware selection. Additionally, they can advise on other important aspects of sliding door specification. .