barn door trackToday, many types of businesses have embraced sliding barn doors. What was once a bit of a novelty, is now common in numerous work environments. Although they have many notable features, the barn door track rightfully gets a lot of attention. Especially when that track is part of a complete sliding door system such as those offered by AD Systems.

The advantages of a barn door track

Sliding “barn”  doors use top-hung tracks, which means there is no floor track to pose a trip hazard or cleaning challenge. This is valuable in a medical facility where there accessibility or infection control concerns. These doors also create a wide clearance without the obstruction of a large door’s swing path, allowing anyone with special needs to easily enter or exit. Moreover, it is easy to move medical equipment in and out of the room due to these features.

What else do sliding doors offer?

Aside from the track, sliding doors by AD Systems have many other important features. When closed, they are designed to effectively seal a room for acoustic and other aspects of isolation. This gives people much more privacy. Essential in a hospital, this is also useful in corporate settings when workers share sensitive information.

A room with sliding doors also allows much more use of the total square footage. Swinging doors intrude on the interior space, but sliding doors never do. In fact, a sliding door can save up to 30 square feet of floor space in each doorway versus a swinging door. Also, sliding doors also come in many designs with a full range of hardware options. These include magnetic locks and flush pulls. There are many choices of materials, such as wood, glass, glazed glass, etc., so that every project is unique. Please, take a minute to check out some of the latest installations in their gallery.

AD Systems makes sliding doors for medical facilities and corporate offices

Barn door track systems can be beneficial for any workplace. AD Systems makes them specifically for the healthcare and corporate industries that require additional features such as hardware functionality and visual and acoustical privacy. ExamSlide™ is the ideal system for clinics, emergency rooms, and any other healthcare facility application. Of course, they utilize hardware and design functions to ensure compliance with ADA requirements. OfficeSlide™ can immediately improve the ambiance and functionality of an office. Now, contact AD Systems for more information.