barn door optionsDoors have not changed a whole lot in the last few centuries or so. And these same swinging doors that have been around forever are just about everywhere. But, just because they are common does not mean they are the only options available. Businesses are beginning to see the limitations of doors that swing. This is why they are starting to expand their horizons. Barn doors, for example, are becoming popular in corporate settings as well as in hospitals. They can not only improve functionality, but they also can modernize the décor. AD Systems has barn door options that are ideal for various facilities.

Three barn door options from AD Systems


One of the best aspects of the OfficeSlide design is its acoustical qualities. This is especially important for certain types of businesses, such as those in the financial or legal sectors. Tech companies can also benefit from improved privacy. And, another popular feature of all of these options is the low maintenance. Also, they hang from top rollers, thus, there are no floor tracks to impede foot or equipment traffic. Features such as locks or access control address physical security. OfficeSlide(TM) is an excellent solution for private offices, collaboration spaces or other small rooms such as data rooms or phone rooms.


Made exclusively for medical facilities, ExamSlide can make any hospital or clinic much quieter. The sound-blocking abilities of these doors can help ensure that private conversations are kept private and patient disruptions are kept to a minimum. They are also designed to operate smoothly and quietly on an overhead track to minimize both operating noise and obstructions to access. Soft closers further ensure quite, safe operation. Beyond their technical features, perhaps the greatest benefit of these doors is the space savings realized when considering how a swing path and approach clearances can be dramatically reduced and repurposed when a sliding door is used.


InsetSlide is a sliding door combined with an integral sidelite that allows it to fit within the wall opening, eliminating the projection into the corridor and making for a more flush aesthetic. The sidelite can be made of glass or other solid surface materials such as markerboards that enhance functionality.

The right doors can make a huge difference for an organization. Companies that want to learn more about the doors from AD Systems can request a free quote.