barn door optionsAD Systems’ commercial barn doors are the perfect complement to a wide variety of new construction and renovation jobs. The company’s innovative interior door systems help you to maximize the efficient use of your project’s floor space. Since 2009, they have continued to build a reputation for offering architects and designers in the commercial market a complete line of high performing, state-of-the-art barn door options. Products are available in a wide variety of finishes and materials and come equipped with superior ADA-compliant hardware and features such as standard soft closing operation, optional smoke ratings and high levels of acoustic performance. Barn door designs can also feature a number of glass and decorative glazing options for added aesthetics and functionality.

Below are some of the most common applications for barn doors and an explanation of how they serve to benefit each type of professional environment.

Office Spaces

Barn door systems are the ideal solution for office settings. Whether installed for private workstations, conference rooms, phone rooms or other shared areas, business owners will see the immediate advantages of their cutting-edge designs. They free up valuable floor space by sliding along the wall to allow for additional office equipment and furniture and foster a more open and inviting work space that naturally increases teamwork and collaboration among co-workers. Utilizing glass barn door options also helps with daylighting design and allows you to bring in a wide range of decorative glazings or films that balance privacy and aesthetics.

Exam Rooms

Exam room doors used in clinics, hospitals, and doctor offices, must meet HIPAA regulations to uphold patient comfort and privacy. When AD Systems’ barn doors are incorporated into the layout of a medical facility, this concern is successfully addressed. AD Systems sliding barn doors have been designed and manufactured to ensure a high level of acoustic isolation is achieved. Patent-pending acoustic seals supply extra sound control to ensure patient confidentiality when consulting with their healthcare team, as well as promote an atmosphere of peace and quiet.

Patient Restrooms

Patient restrooms present a particular challenge in design. Architects and designers must appropriately accommodate assistive medical devices and bariatric requirements. Because conventional swing doors need enough floor space to open and close at full width, they don’t work well with the often limited dimensions of hospital rooms. In contrast, the sliding technology of AD Systems’ barn door options provide plenty of clearance and save a great deal of square footage (up to 30 square feet) while also eliminating safety hazards associated with floor tracks.

AD Systems’ Barn Door Options Offer High Function & Appeal

In the construction industry, quality materials are of the utmost importance. With AD Systems, clients can trust that they are getting the greatest value out of their investment. Exceptional craftsmanship is a top priority when manufacturing the company’s products, which means their barn door options are built to stand the test of time, even in high occupancy spaces. Their industry experts are dedicated to helping architects and designers design more efficient, safer, and attractive buildings for the commercial sector. Barn door systems can be created to meet the unique specifications of any project for the highest levels of flexibility in design.