As with most industries, architecture and interior design experience new trends all the time. While many things come and go after just a short period, others make a real impact and end up becoming a mainstay in the market. This has been the case with barn door systems. Architects, designers, and facility managers are increasingly looking to barn door designs to complete their commercial projects successfully. Unlike traditional doors that swing wide to open and close, barn doors smoothly slide along a top-hung track. The result is unique blend of function and aesthetics.

barn door designsBenefits of Barn Door Designs

Barn door designs can be installed in a variety of commercial applications to instantly enhance the function and appeal of a space. Corporate offices and healthcare facilities are two environments that have found particular value in all the benefits barn door systems have to offer.

  • Space Savings: The difference in usable floor space when comparing barn door designs to swing doors is considerable. When barn door systems are installed, they provide offices and medical facilities with up to 30 square feet of additional space to work with for each swinging door replaced. This will reduce overcrowding in areas and make them significantly more comfortable for employees, patients, and visitors. It also allows business owners to increase efficiency with extra equipment and furniture or to put more collaboration spaces, offices or exam rooms into the same floorplate, maximizing revenue.
  • Sound Attenuation: Acoustics are a major consideration in commercial construction projects. Barn doors by AD Systems are a great solution to the challenges architects and designers face when trying to mitigate sounds in busy office and healthcare settings. AD Systems differentiates itself from other barn doors by offering high performing acoustic barn door systems that will help to preserve privacy and boost productivity by allowing conversations to remain confidential and eliminating loud, distracting noises.
  • ADA Compatibility: One of the most important features of AD Systems’ barn doors is their ability to comply with ADA standards. Other barn doors assemblies are often limited in their ability to integrate hardware that meets ADA, but the unique design of AD Systems products allows designers to specify locking or latching hardware, including access control options, that meets ADA requirements.
  • Eye-Catching Elegance: Barn door designs add a classic charm that can’t be replicated with conventional doors. They are available in wood or glass, which gives professional settings the opportunity to be as blocked off or transparent as they wish. There is also a wide selection of finish, style, and hardware options to create the ideal look for any space.

AD Systems is the Number One Source for State-of-the-Art Barn Door Systems

AD Systems is proud to be the preferred supplier of barn door designs for the commercial market. The company’s unique product offerings and personalized service make them the easy choice for architects, designers, and facility managers in need of barn door systems for their new construction and renovation projects. Since opening their doors for business in 2009, AD Systems has made it their goal to provide effective entry and exit solutions in the commercial sector. Their product line is continually being improved with the most advanced technology and materials to keep professional environments as up to date as possible.