Automatic Sliding DoorsGerms get a lot of attention these days. Perhaps it is because people are increasingly aware of their direct link with illness or folks are more health-conscious than before. But no matter the reason, many places, including offices, restaurants, and stores, have gotten in on the act by offering hand sanitizer to employees as well as customers. And while controlling the spread of germs is important everywhere, it is paramount in a medical setting. A building full of sick and vulnerable people has to be protected at all times, and the right design elements can be a big help. For example, automatic sliding doors are an excellent way to keep patients, visitors and staff members safe.

No touching needed

Perhaps the biggest advantage of automatic sliding doors for a hospital is that no one ever has to touch them when going in or leaving. Even people who are meticulously clean, inadvertently pick up germs no matter where they go. And when a hand has to be used to turn a knob or pull a handle, germs are left behind. Then the next person to come along does the same thing and the cycle continues. Germs will never have to land on automatic doors with sensor or wave control devices, which means that there is less chance of them spreading and getting on other things inside a facility.

Ease of use

Another benefit of automatic sliding doors is that they can open very wide. Many different types of people may use a medical facility on a daily basis, including those making use of assistive devices. Equipment being moved from room to room also requires wide doorways. Automatic sliding doors make it simple for anyone to get into or leave a building or the rooms inside, and their wide opening is even big enough to allow for two-way traffic. Automatic sliding doors are also ADA-compliant, which is critical for any type of business.

Sound control

Noise can often be a problem in a hospital, and this is troubling because many of the patients will need rest. The great part of automatic sliding doors by AD Systems is that they have excellent acoustic mitigation and will do a great job of blocking out the noise from people talking, machines operating, or anything else causing a racket. The other big plus is that they close gently and can never be slammed shut, which will help to create a more quiet atmosphere. And due to the acoustical qualities of automatic sliding doors, patients, visitors, and all others will also be able to feel confident that their private conversations will not be overheard.

AD Systems’ provides top of the line automatic sliding doors for medical facilities

All medical buildings have to make sure that they are doing everything they can to provide patients with the most comfortable environment. With automatic sliding doors, three important areas can be addressed. The spread of germs will be reduced, everyone will have an easy time entering an exiting, and noise will not be as prevalent. This is why healthcare facilities around the U.S. trust AD Systems to supply them with their high performance automatic sliding doors.