interior glass barn doors Through Innovative design and functionality, interior glass barn doors have increased in popularity for officefronts and other professional environments. Not only do they provide options for space savings but also are useful in maintaining privacy. Easy to use and lightweight, these doors work great for any application.

Office Spaces

A properly designed office space promotes productivity and collaboration. Businesses that value teamwork will find that Interior glass barn doors offer creative work spaces beyond the traditional cubicle or meeting room. Glass barn doors easily transform office spaces with its open and space-saving features. Large floor plans can be partitioned into individual work, meeting, or client spaces.

Glass defines the boundaries of private space within an open office area. The open design of interior glass barn doors offer monitoring to maintain productivity, but also promote privacy. Spaces have the ability to adjust based on work styles, team size, or business planning. An open office promotes connectivity. These doors can be easily opened to connect departments and encourage collaboration. With various glass options and acoustic seals, spaces can alternatively be closed off for meetings or customized for productive work sessions.

Interior Glass Barn Doors

The natural lighting boosted by Interior glass barn doors promotes worker well-being and saves energy by reducing the need to use interior light during daylight hours. Research shows that daylight has a positive effect on office workers, increasing memory and mental function as well as reducing absenteeism.

A sliding motion replaces the swinging arc of traditional doors and allows for maximization of the space. The doors themselves are thin and take up less space. The area around Interior glass barn doors can be utilized as long as there are a few inches of clearance for the door. Space is further maximized by the glass. Visually these doors make a small area seem larger and more open.

Healthcare Facilities

Interior glass barn doors in healthcare facilities help improve the patient and caregiver experience. This solution is perfect for maximizing space and allowing for privacy. The glass allows for visual identification in emergency situations. The openness of glass also allows for easier visual monitoring of patients or other critical situations. When privacy is needed for patient consultations or exams, Interior glass barn doors customized with etched, frosted, or other glass options like integral blinds can be utilized. The space still offers openness and natural light but with reduced visibility for private and sensitive situations from the outside. When accessibility, especially in emergency situations is needed, these doors offer easy and lightweight operation with hanging tracks. Acoustic seals will reduce the amount of noise leakage from the space. This not only increases privacy but reduces disturbances from outside the space.

Interior glass barn doors are great solutions for designers and architects looking to create open, space saving, and functional interiors. AD Systems offers high quality doors for office and healthcare settings. With a variety of hardware options and designs, these doors harmonize well with any environment. The professionals at AD Systems are available to answer questions and provide quotes for your design project.