Acoustic Sliding DoorsThese days, architects have a challenging job. In the past in many environments, clients may have stressed usability, with design as an afterthought. As long as a building was functional, that was the most important thing. But that is not really the case any longer. Most businesses now think in terms of branding and retention. And because everything is a reflection of the company and its culture, offices and workplaces have to be constructed thoughtfully. This means that it is not just about getting something built as quickly and cost effectively as possible, but also creating a people-focused environment. And. of course, function still plays a big role in any type of work setting. Fortunately, when it comes to doors, there is an excellent solution for both design and performance: acoustic sliding doors. Not only are these doors modern and stylish, they are superior to swinging doors in many ways when planning your commercial, educational or medical spaces.

ExamSlide doors

ExamSlide doors are designed for the healthcare industry and can be used for varied applications, including medical offices, patient restrooms, and free-standing emergency rooms. These doors offer several benefits including:

  • Acoustics – AD Systems sliding doors are designed for acoustical performance, helping to safeguard patient privacy in medical spaces.
  • Space savings – Compared to a regular swinging door, ExamSlide doors can save up to 30 square feet per openign, freeing up space for equipment, storage and movement of staff and patients or allowing designers to incorporate more exam rooms or otherwise usable space into the same floorplate.
  • Reliability – ExamSlide doors are built with a heavy-duty, top-hung roller system that makes operation smooth and maintenance-free, with no tracks to hinder wheelchairs, crutches or equipment..


What ExamSlide does for healthcare facilities, OfficeSlide does for corporate settings. These doors offer the same advantages, including noise control and space-saving abilities, but they can also be completely customized. Businesses can choose the finish, colors, and hardware for their doors that will accentuate their décor. There are also a number of other design considerations, including privacy glass, blinds, marker boards, and even lighting.

Acoustic sliding doors are the solutions for noisy workplaces

Whether a medical setting or a regular office, noise can often be a big problem at work. It can easily derail productivity and negatively impact recovery time for patients in a healthcare setting. This is why acoustic sliding doors are in high demand, as they are designed to block out a significant amount of noise. Plus, this works both ways. Sound from a hallway will not bleed into a room or office with these doors, and the noise from inside will not bother anyone on the outside. Another huge benefit of acoustic sliding doors is privacy. Because sound is contained, people will not have to worry about being overheard or having sensitive information getting out.

AD System is a leader provider of acoustic sliding doors for healthcare and commercial spaces

For almost a decade, architects and designers have trusted AD Systems when they need acoustic sliding doors. This is because AD Systems puts a focus on quality, performance, and innovation with all of its products.