Acoustic DoorsAlthough institutional building design conventions have changed rapidly in recent years, controlling sound transmission remains an essential problem for architects and designers to grapple with. Whether you’re an office or a medical facility, controlling the everyday din of conversation, movement, and work is vital to protecting the privacy of clients and employees, as well as to creating a calm and productive environment. For these reasons, architects, designers, and facility owners are increasingly turning to sliding barn-style acoustic doors, like the ones produced by AD Systems, as a way to keep noise transmission under control.

AD Systems’ sliding doors have been rigorously designed for acoustic performance and space conservation without sacrificing a sleek, contemporary aesthetic. Their products are designed in close collaboration with architects and designers, ensuring that they can be seamlessly integrated into nearly any floor plan and offer a full range of design and performance features. Their sliding acoustic doors leave a minimum of gap space between door and jamb and feature acoustic dampening technology to control sound transmission. Both the ExamSlide, made for medical facilities, and the OfficeSlide, for commercial and educational spaces, have been a revolutionary success in facilities across the country, and in this article we’ll take a look at why.

ExamSlide: Acoustic Doors for Medical Facilities

Noise isolation is of particular importance in the healthcare field. HIPAA and other medical privacy laws have made it more vital than ever that patients’ personal information is guarded closely. With the healthcare industry experiencing rapid growth, quiet family practitioners’ offices are often a thing of the past. From pediatricians’ offices to emergency rooms, the sometimes-frenetic pace of the medical world can produce problematic amounts of noise and activity, and AD Systems’ sliding acoustic doors are one path to a quieter and more efficient facility.

AD Systems’ ExamSlide sliding doors have become the gold standard in outpatient medical facilities around the country for privacy protection, efficiency, and functionality. Their commercial-grade construction features ADA-compliant Soft Close technology to ensure that doors are easy to open for everyone. Their sliding barn doors are top-hung on heavy-duty roller systems and have no exposed floor tracks, and their wraparound aluminum frames protect facility walls. Clients even have the option to add a patent-pending acoustic seal on all four sides of the door for maximum noise control.

AD Systems’ clients such as Mountain View Hospital in Salt Lake City, UT provide a look at everything sliding barn doors have to offer medical facilities. When the hospital wanted to double the size of their emergency room, they chose AD Systems’ acoustic doors to provide maximum privacy and efficiency to their patients. The sleek, modern look of their facility and their enhanced privacy protection speak to why professionals choose AD Systems when it’s time to redesign.

OfficeSlide: Acoustic Doors for Corporate Offices

Anyone who’s ever worked in an office knows how distracting the smallest noises can become. Coworkers’ conversations, ringing phones, and constantly opening and closing doors can become major distractions, especially in an otherwise quiet office, and poor noise transmission control can result in confidentiality breaches that are embarrassing at best and costly at worst.

The OfficeSlide is a high-performance acoustic door designed to provide professional sound control in office spaces. Like the ExamSlide, the OfficeSlide features wraparound construction and heavy duty top-hung rollers with no exposed floor track, and both models also offer a wide range of professional-grade hardware and finish options, including key card readers, flush pulls, wood or aluminum stiles, and much more.

Coastal Community Bank in Everett, WA is another great success story for AD Systems. The OfficeSlide helps maintain privacy in their hybrid open/private office floor plan, and their glass-front doors let in abundant natural light to create a pleasant work environment. The OfficeSlide’s combination of versatility and professional quality gave Coastal Community Bank a sleek look for the 21st century.

Privacy and Efficiency from AD Systems

AD Systems has acoustic door professionals with a mission to maximize efficiency and security for every client they work with. Their website makes it quick and easy to request a quote, or call them at 425-374-1360.