medical examination room layoutThe medical exam room is the front line of medicine — where doctors and staff meet one-on-one with patients. Of course, that’s why it’s crucial to design these rooms efficiently and effectively. The ExamSlide™, from AD Systems, is a door that’s changing medical examination room layout as we know it. What makes it so effective? Let’s investigate.

Medical Examination Room Layout and Sliding Doors

The first question is, “Why sliding doors?” AD Systems’ sliding barn doors offer unique advantages over traditional swinging doors:

  • Space Saving: With the explosive growth of the healthcare industry, space is at a premium everywhere. A traditional swinging door can use up to thirty square feet of space for swing path and approach clearances. Sliding door simply have a much reduced footprint.
  • Efficient Movement: Optimizing time and energy is essential in medicine. Sliding doors enable staff and equipment to move in and out of rooms more efficiently and quietly
  • Privacy Protection: ExamSlide has been designed to significantly reduce gaps around the opening for sound to escape.

Features of the Future

The ExamSlide sports a full complement of features you won’t find on other sliding doors:

  • Superior Sound Protection: On top of sliding doors’ already-improved sound control, the ExamSlide goes one better. AD Systems outfits every ExamSlide with perimeter gaskets and offers optional drop down bottom seals for a higher level of performance
  • Durable, Low-Maintenance Construction: The ExamSlide with its top-hung design, glides on sturdy rollers and is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Smooth Access: Unlike some other sliding doors, the ExamSlide has no exposed floor track, so carts and wheelchairs can move freely.
  • Aesthetic Versatility: AD Systems offers the ExamSlide with a wide range of finishes and hardware options.

Case Studies

These studies and more indicate the incredible power of the ExamSlide to transform the layout of exam rooms and beyond:

  • Mountain View Hospital in Utah integrated the ExamSlide into their remodel plan.
  • Puyallup, WA’s state-of-the-art Group Health Cooperative found a perfect solution for their advanced care with the ExamSlide.
  • Smokey Point, WA’s Everett Clinic built the ExamSlide into their clinic design that became a case study for innovative facilities.

Changes are shaking the healthcare system. And, the medical examination room layout is changing too. Therefore, if you want to stay ahead of the curve, the ExamSlide is great way to do it. For more information, you can contact AD Systems through their website or call them at 425-374-1360.