Acoustic Performance

Privacy is crucial in healthcare facilities and other office environments, such as financial institutions and HR offices. With AD Systems, architects can take advantage of high levels of acoustic isolation without having to make sacrifices in aesthetics. The noise isolation can also help with work flow, as it stops ambient noise leakage from one area of an office to another to keep things focused.

Our acoustic door systems are built to meet the rigorous standards of modern offices and medical facilities. AD Systems addresses the perimeter gaps that are normally a challenge STC performance in sliding doors. We have also tested our officefront assemblies that incorporate fixed sidelites for settings where the more open look and feel of a glass partition is desired. AD Systems' doors allow architects and designers to benefit from the space-saving design even in areas where acoustical privacy is a concern.

For specific information on our acoustical performance, or to download our brochures and detailed product information, please visit our Resources page for more information.